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Cutting class and practice on a gorgeous fall day, Erin spent the afternoon on Collins Sand, a local nude playa. Never having been naked outdoors before, much less in front of strangers, this was an titillating fresh escapade for her. Having posed for pics on the strand, then taunted the growing crowd in a little clearing in the treeline, Erin determined to play with her audience a bit more, getting out a bottle of baby oil and oiling herself up in a provocative manner. Movie had NOT been planned; no decent microphone, wrong lens on the camera, but... an impressively sexy Eighteen year old Erin in spite of the technical difficulties...

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Hi guys, just an average latina dame posing for her hubby. I found a few pictures of me that he had hidden on our computer (doesn't know that I know). I got buzzed on vodka so I figured, what the hell..........he is out with his friends tonight so just wished to display the guys what he is leaving at home. Sorry about the order, but I am toasted and just commenced picking pitures left and right..... p.s. please be nice, I mean I know I am not Playboy material but I do have feelings.... p.p.s: my hubby likes my booty, sorry that I am too timid to demonstrate my face, but for those arse guys out there you are in for a teat (I also have other shots of my figure, hope you like them too!)

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