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There seems to be a lot of aficionados of redheads and strawberry blondes with fire bushes. I know I am a hugh aficionado and have been married to one for years. I thought it was time to share some more shots after observing a latest conformity by another fire thicket. Maybe Kate would like to make fire thicket a theme in the future. Sorry there is no face. Lynn is now a teacher so face shots can't be done as we have done in past voy-zone and Redcloud submissions. We have always received very positive responce to Lynn's fire pubic hair and her other attributes. We will keep posting as lengthy as the comments proceed to be positive and encouraging.

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Back on voy-zone once again sucking smoke! I'm on fire! lol, j/k, well I just desired to thank everyone who has been supportive over the last month. Thank god 2007 is over! I had fairly a year last year. 2008 is treating me nice so far. No fresh beau or anything. =( Oh, I know...poor me right? haha, well don't perceive sorry for me or anything, I am attempting to date again. Went on another last week, and it was well, dull? Anyone attempted those online dating things? Match? EHarmony? I don't know, I could use some advice here people! Anyhow, I hope you like my voy-zone contribution. See you soon!

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