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hi! guys . I was camping last week out at salorville lake and went for a little bike rail. the lake had been flooded earlier this year and a lot of trees washed up on this playa, It seemed like a flawless place to get naked and get a few shots. I know most of you guys are not used to witnessing me doing these kind of pics but I have lots of them in my site and I love doing them. It's fun! hope you guys like them. let me know if you do cuz I love hearing from you. I think most of you guys know how to get a hold of me but if you dont just click on the link to the right and get on my free message board. you can leave me a message there . you'll also find my email and IM link in there too. love ya Ruthie

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For those who have followed the site, I've always talked about Sunny as the Ice queen of the mall. A true bitch. But no one can blame me for judging her the way I did. Her deeds did showcase ice running thru her veins. Just ask ex co-worker Jamie, (those of you who have written her). Since she moved here, Sunny was always attempting to prove that she is an independent woman, and didn't need anyone. But Sunny has switched a supreme deal since the very first day I shook her forearm. Who knows, maybe I've been wrong about her this entire time. Maybe she just never let me inwards. When I see her now, she is always friendly, and joking. She even invites me over from time to time just to taunt me about being rejected by her hot friends. I actually can't reminisce the last time she gave me a bad look at work. I think making some friends in this fresh town has put her in a more handy state of mind. One thing is for sure...I wil never turn down an oppertunity to dangle out with this mall beauty, and I never leave my camera behind.

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