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Hi Guys/Gals! Hope you all made it thru the Christmas Holiday in good form. Was Santa good to everybody? LOL. How about some introduces from me....I added some fresh Alyssa pics to the site, put up the 2nd chapter of my ongoing Maggie's Fellows story, added some pics of our lovely Taylor (below) in her student outfit,added some Sexy Lexy pics for you, and redesigned the members welcome page so you find the woman you want quicker (but you'll want to see all of them, right?). Briefly I'll also have more Faith vid clips, some fresh Diamond pics, and even more Sexy Lexy plus more of my newest sweethearts. That hammers a lump of coal any day. LOL. Love. Hugz, Cherrie

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Howdy, this isour very first (hopefully not the last) contribution to your site. This petite 5'1" &99 pound doll is my gf of 7 years. When we very first met...she absolutely HATED anal hook-up, but she knew I loved it and thru patient training, it is now our beloved. "Sexy De" is my 'Submissive One' and calls herself my A.S.S. (Anal Tart Slave). She has a "special talent" where she can unwind her sexy asshole and make it gape & then tighten it up to drive you nuts. These few shots are just a sample of the more than 2,500 pictures I've taken of her (we're presently working on our own web site...wish us luck). To allyou guys and gals...we hope you love our very first contribution (wink)

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