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I know it may seem odd to post for someone who I have not met, but I have been a big devotee of Nikki's for fairly some time. We have VERY similar bods and my hubby thinks she is the best doll on here (besides me of course). He is lso a pretty big aficionado of Jan's...heck, he is a pretty big admirer of SEVERAL of you, but a admirer of Nikki. So I am posting these for a littel funa dn to demonstrate my appreciation for her!..haha, Nikki, I hope you and your hubby love these too, as well as everyone who visits this site!..You guys are absolutely the best and I lOVE all the wonderful feedback i get..thank you so much for your kind voting! Love and Smooches, Sacha! hmmm, how about a Sacha and Nikki post? i am SO SORRY there isnt alot more nudity!!!! I promise to get you some more! So let us know if I need to fly to Nikki's for a voy-zone post??? With her permission of course!

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WHEW! Ain't this great? Here is Maria (still on her HORNY streak) outside at the lake. I shot the entire time with my digital movie camera so the movie caps are pretty good quality. I'm working on an MPG of the money shot. While we were there, a stud in a pickup drove up to our car (about 20 yards away) and sat and observed us for Trio or Four minutes. During the very first minute or so, Maria did not know that he was there, she was laying on her back, with her gams spread apart about a foot. Once I told her that he was there, she got fully out of manage and embarked rubbin' her cootchie thru the material and glided her bathing suit top off of her tits and began pinching and rubbin' her nips WHILE THE Boy WATCHED! She pretended that she did not know that he was there. Right after he left, she began the blowage and it didn't take lengthy for me to shoot my wad in her mouth and on her face! Check out the next contri...Maria's 3rd's got the Money shot! :-) (Gotta go to voy-zone to get THAT one!) gotta include the last shows all five fingers! I send the pics with missing thumbs to RC! hehehe Katemania rules...pdsme Enjoy!

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