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Ok, guys, your positive comments about my very first contri made me think again about this entire idea. I can see now how other chicks coud get encouraged by you guys into regular postings on naturist site. Perhaps there is some joy in me sharing pictures here after all. So before I switch my mind let's share these pictures from my camping by the wonderful Huron Lake. For duo of days the weather was a fantasy, so was the water. The forrest was so refreshing early in the morning one would like to take t-shirt of and love every moment. My hon, as usualy, was attempting to lure me into taking some pictures and flick clips everywhere we were going. He even took camera into the lake and came up with these pictures. I wish there were more ladies sans their tops here, but evidently they are even more timid than I am. It is improving leisurely in Ontario, but still a lady sans her top on the strand is a jaw dropper here...

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We play well with others Hope these get thru and you all at voy-zone love them, I have no idea if I have done this right but thought I'd send in a diversity of our pictures and the next E-mail includes some of our good friends please include all of them in this posting if possible in the order they are in on the Email.. If I have fucked up and sent them wrong and you have the time just let me know soo I can fix up any mistakes... your view is truly cool thought I might just see how these pics go down with your regular viewers!! and maybe even give my man a bit of a surprise!!!!!

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