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Howdy all. We have made this series in the "Middelheimpark" in Belgium. It's a beautiful place, with an open air art exhibition the entire year thru. It was very arousing, because the police in Belgium are very rigorous about flashing nude.... Of course we looked very first if there were no children (or police-men) before my hubby took the pictures. We hope you'll love watching them as much as we did making them. This was my very first photo shooting outdoors. If you let us know that you like them, we will introduce you another series in which I (of course in the nude) will guide you thru my hometown Breda in the Netherlands. CU

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Hi, the Sandfly again. Here`s some sand irony for you. I was lyin` about, hungover, doin` nothin`, when all of a unexpected chance landed bang in my lap! Some fellow who fancied himself as an unexperienced photographer and his pretty, fair-skinned gf chose their spot for some seaside glamour photos - right in front of me, that is! So, photographer-boy, if your witnessing this congratulations on a fine choice of model and a ideal choice of location. It`s all on my Three hr vid so many of you have asked about. Leave a message if you haven`t yet, with your contact details. I`ll be in touch with everyone, don`t worry.

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