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My lovely 50 year. old wifey wished to practice another paramour since it had been so lengthy for her to be with someone else. I agreed under the condition that I be introduce and that the man wear a rubber. She thought that that would inhibit her so we reached the compromise of her videotaping the event. The picture is not as good as I would have liked since the lighting was skimpy and it was a immovable camera angle but it still is hot. This is the beginning of the gauze and if you want to see the rest I will post it if there is interest. Fellow she picked was an old friend of hers that she had always desired to sleep with but never did. He leaped at the chance to get at her. Again this is a 50yr old woman so if you like youthfull women please do not post negative, mean comments.

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these are some pics of my 30 something wifey after a night on the town. I was designated driver, so I could run the camera. She gets very revved on by the camera and loves to perform for me. I am also posting some bathtime shots.Some of the more joy shots are being sent to Crimson Clouds, but she dreamed to see what the response was like here. She will be willing to display her gorgeous face if the comments are good enough. We will be reading any responses. She doesnt think she is worthy to be posted on this fine site. What do you think? Look for us at RC!! Thanks again for a superb site!

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