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We are becoming regular contributors to this site and upload at least one batch of photos each week. This latest set was taken on a latest excursion to London during the day and then whilst walking in the evening. Eve has a lovely cock-squeezing bod with amazingly pointy nips that are always erect but when sexually aroused grow to two times their length. I know this as she has one nip pierced and the ring moves outward from her assets as the nip grows and eventually is placed midway inbetween the base and tip of her hard nip - wow !! The day in London was cold and Eve was wearing a indeed brief micro-skirt, downright clean-shaven, no knickers or stockings and her soft boots. She truly drew some excellent looks and I got to sense her on the tube and escalators. She has the most exceptionally sleek and lovely skin that it looks as if she is wearing stockings even when she isnt. When we got home we were still in a playful mood so we went outdoors with her just wearing a cover and walking boots and took some more photos We hope you like what you see

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Do you ever figure something out and then leave behind about it? I've totally just re-discovered my love of soft fabrics. I thought it couldn't get much nicer than the rubdown I got last week. I love pro mitts .. purrrrr! I still sensed like I was needing a pickmeup bad so I foolishly and selfishly spent some of the little money I had left after taxes and bought myself a fresh attire. I am debating on returning it tho' but I vow I am loving how the soft stretchy fabric senses. If I ever become rich I will have a closet utter of the stuff! Its like a warm layer perceiving on me at all times which is totally convenient and such a turnon. I know I'm contributing to higher prices but it has become my philosophy that if I am gonna take something back to the store I should at least grab some pics for here or our site very first LOL. Its a good thing it is kicking off to get warm because with how revved on I was I very likely wouldve gotten myself off or attempted to have fuck-a-thon in it. And taking it back after that is just plain wrong. I'm not admitting anything tho LOL.

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