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I gave Brooke my phone number never hoping that she would call me. Last time we spoke in the mall, I could only talk so much about old highschool memories, so a good conversation became an awkward moment. I hate that. I in-fact, I do anything I can to avoid that. Here is a tip, never fall into an awkward muffle when you're interested in a hot dame. If things go quiet, and you get that perceiving of "what do I do now?" you're thru. After the very first date, I thought I was finished until I recieved a voicemail from Brooke explaining why she was acting the way she did. I guess she had just broke up with some stud, and needed someone to help her get over it. I didn't have any problems with spending time with the chick, so I asked if she wished to go catch another flick. Things were going well, and when she asked me if I was still good friends with our old highschool friend Kristin. All I could do is laugh.

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So I was in LA on biz and I met this very fucky-fucky little plaything in the lobby of my motel. We began conversing and drinking vino from the free afternoon buffet. I told her I was a photographer and could I shoot her hot naked little breasts. She oohed and ahhed and said yes, please. We went up to my suite, ruined the mini-bar while I spent the next three hours pounding her cock-squeezing, smoothly-shaven snatch. She could take a lot of pounding and believe me, I can give a good one even on a bad day! So as it revved out she was just some out of luck chick who came off the street to get some free food. She was staying in a dump the other side of town. So I let her stay with me for the few days I had left in LA. I will post some fine vagina, bathroom and fuck stick shots of her if you all want.

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