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Howdy, nice to be here again. We know thru your comments that most of you like our contris and we are pleased about that. We have been contacted by some couples planning to visit Paris in the next months and who want us to set up a nice group bang for them. We look forward to meet them and we'll post the pictures if they permit us to do so.... To answers some of the comments about bluring : We only post the pictures after appoval by the duo on the picture. So don't make complaints if sometime the blurrig is too big, the couples only permit us to take pictures because they trust us to use them appropriately... If the bluring is the reason for us not to win prize,we wont win any prize and it is OK..!! (by the way HTIP 25 was sans bluring by request from the doll and win didn't get any prize either..!!!! Ha ha ha) For this contri, we were contacted by a youthfull duo living Two hours by train from Paris. They placed an add in a swinging newspaper a year ago looking for nice guys to set up her very first group bang, but out of more than 500 answers none was providing them the desir to ensue. We reaction their add a year afterward and they had just been connected to the net a month ago and visited our pages Two days before getting our letter..!!!!! They sensed certain enough to reaction us...!! She desired a petite group bang with Three guys. They send us two pictures of her to see if we were willing to proceed. They are the very first two pictures on HTIP 30A and you'll understand that we didn't think too much about it...!!!! When the day came, they took the train around noon and one of our stallion wait for them a the station. They arrived home at 3PM and we began after 30 minutes of talking. It lasted for two hours and after a bathroom we bring them back to the train station so they can be back home around 8 PM. That was a good sunday afternoon, I wasn't indeed concern about what was on the TV that day..!!!! This contri is in Five Part from HTIP 30A to HTIP 30E. Hope you love the pictures as much as we love making them..!!!! Have joy,

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