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My lovely wifey and I went to a fund raiser dinner dance last night and got home pretty late and not exactly at the peak of sobriety. I dreamed some pictures of her in her indeed supreme sundress, and wouldn't you just know that she just insisted on taking it off as the "photo op" went along! The quality of the pix isn't very good (hard to concentrate on good photography mechanism when not so sober . . . and when shooting pix of a lady like this!). I wish I could includer her lovely face and smile, but we determined some time ago not to post any face R or X pix anywhere on the 'Net . . . never know where/in whose files they may end up. Wish I could post the rest of the pix, too, but I guess they'll have to go on Crimson Clouds. By the way, this lady is 54! Hope you enjoy; I know I did!

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