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Here's the story. I love boots, mostly black ones, and they gotta be leather. Okay, so it was a brief story. I truly want to thank everyone for your comments to my last month's contri in Crimson Clouds. That was the one with the cucumber on my kitchen counter. Lots of your comments were truly graphic ... the typed-with-one-hand kind of graphic. I love those! Anywho, those of you who witnessed that one most likely will understand that my twat had to be blurred in this set. I'm just too 'lippy' for the free section. But I promise to let it all dangle out again in Crimson Clouds real briefly. Enough chatter. On to the boobies!

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We just posted a movie of Carolina over on Erotic Clips. So check that out once it posts. OK, here's the deal. Four or five of us school students are getting together regularly at a meetup to learn more about making films. We're working on a screenplay for a feature-length film, and are learning camera and lighting technologies. We have a mentor that's volunteering to instruct us the technical side of filmmaking. The problem is... we have NO budget. One of the dudes in the group suggested that we kill two birds... learn how to film and light WHILE we submit a movie and pics to nudist's online contests to attempt to win some $ to make our film.

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