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Hello! I have always loved to wear a little black sundress and as any lady would tell you, we all own a few. Well, one day I was looking for something a little sexier that I could wear to dance in at a nightclub. So, I ordered this sundress online and was delighted when it came in. It was a a lot more see thru than I imagined but I liked the way it fit. My Bf dared me to wear it to the club anyways....and I love to be dared and challenged! So I wore it to a club on the condition that I wear undies underneath. The sundress was supreme success and I had a joy time dancing the night away. It was joy being so exposed on the dance floor....because well, I took my undies off after the very first dance and stayed that way for the rest of the night! If you want to see a pic like the last one, sans the hat, write me a hot comment and I'll send you one. Love you, BB

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*Gg **Kate -- Bikate Nurses Nina - Hi Kate and team and all you voy-zonebers out there!!! Thank you all for the positive responses to the scarf contri with Nina! Hard to go wrong with a gal like that next to me! That scarf contri was part of a collective project among the contributors and, lucky for all of us, next up is Nikki! Another project for the contributors is for us to meet Kate's challenge. Kate came up with contri themes for those contributors who volunteered to take on whatever challenge Kate could come up with. For me (BiKate), Kate's idea was that I sundress up as a old school nurse. On top of that, he also required that I have at least one other doll in the contri. Well, for a 2nd there we thought I might be fortunate enough to have TWO other nymphs. As it revved out, it was just me and Nina -- but who's complaining!?!?! Hope you love looking at Nina as much as I liked her!

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