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Rose - A Question Of Etiquette - The lengthy time Manager of a fucking partner rock hard to ours was retiring and they were having a semi casual retirement soiree for him. I got on very well with him as he has always been a pretty open-minded businessman not stuck in the conventions that seem to be so pervasive in many companies. As the proprietor of the company I now manage lives out of State, it falls upon me to represent our company at these kinds of functions. Now I know the convention is that one should not wear milky after Labor Day but I indeed liked this milky sundress, and as it was still relatively close to Labor Day, I thought I would wear it anyway. Thorn insisted that I wear a panty to the soiree - which is ironic as he spent so lengthy attempting to persuade me that I truly didn't need to wear one under it at other times! Obviously I was a lot more business-like and discreet than I am in these pictures however I sensed disapproval from a few of the assembled guests - mostly from other women come to think of it. My question is, how gravely do people take these old 'rules' these days and do you think that the jokey looks I was getting were because I was wearing milky or because it was too risque? Or shouldn't I care anyway?

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Hey Everyone! I dreamed to thank everyone for the compliments on my last contri with the Wicked Weasel! I know they were pretty tame pictures, but I am a pretty tame female. Do I have to stick something up me, for you to love the pictures? I am just not into all the graphic stuff, so that is why I don't truly showcase that kind of stuff. I choose to do what I am convenient with, and if you love that kind of chick, that is me! *smiles* I have tons of pics from this set, because I dreamed to put them to a slideshow with the song by Madonna, Strike A Pose. You can see that at my PA site, plus I ultimately added videos! There are some with me, Lindsey, and Cherokee. Yes, We all are friends!! Come check it out. ........ Come visit my Hot Spot!!

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