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My wifey thinks I have a problem because I am hard more often than I am soft! Ever since joining Crimson Clouds, looking at all you hot gals and guys is to blame! I was wondering if the ladies of Crimson Clouds think it is a problem. I know my bod isn't flawless, nor do I have a monster hard-on, but I believe I am lookin' okay for 40. General comments appreciated and I will reply if you leave an e-mail. If anyone recognizes me, give me a wink and a nudge, but please keep it on the down low. I think if you are here looking at this supreme site you know it is for everyone's mutual pleasure and no harm is being done. Crimson Clouds Rocks!!

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Hi Group, Joined nudistthis weekend, Wish I had joined sooner! I didn't know what I was missing! So ...... What began out as a gag bounty from an old GF who was out of town often, revved into a trusted companion! LOL Why can't boys have playthings too? It's certainly not as good as the real thing, but it sure bashes a forearm job ... that is unless that palm job is cuming from a hot lady! I know the ladies are tired of all the dick only shots so I hope this a little more interesting. I'm a str8 swm 35 in the Tampa Florida Area. Comments are appreciated. Looking for some fresh friends in my area, so drop me a note on the BB. Thanks all ..... and enjoy! Please title " Boys Have Fucktoys Too! "

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