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Here are some shots of me and my beautiful wifey of Three years, Shelby. We're both professionals and worried about being recognised - hence the masking, sorry but maybe with time we'll get more courageous. Our fantasies always tend to involve another woman, mainly for Shelby who gets very revved on at the thought - who am I to make complaints ?? We're looking forward to some encouraging comments, particularly those from women and will attempt to react to those that we like the sound of, so be kind. Love the site and look forward to posting more if the comments are good. Please don't post email address - Thanks.

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Hi once again , I love this site. After all the viewing pleasure I've luved, I sensed it was about time to contribute. This is a 2nd set of pics. 1st contri, about a month ago, ( a different set ) was never posted, oh well. With voy-zone steaming along at utter tempo like it is, it's certainly understandable. Just a bit of a voyeur/exhibitionist here, always at my best mornings and right after a bathroom. Please title these Texas Tom at ease. I'd consider it a privilege to be posted. Thanks Tom Perhaps on the next contri I can woo my lady friend to participate, at the moment she's in a" no way-not me" mind set.

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