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Venetian Odalisque In Black Floral Underwear - Hi all! Another contribution from us. More photos of Vittoria, this time in some very nice black floral underwear. Hope you will all love the nice breast pictures. To you who appreciate our pictures, don't worry, we intend to keep sending contributions. There are many in the pipeline. Some more unsheathing, some less uncovering. Some of you were asking for total nude photos. We'll take more, but you can see some amongst the winners of last month in private shots. We are considering taking outdoor pictures, RC... but we'll keep the mask for now until we find another sophisticated and artistic way to hide her face. Which is difficult. We truly don't like blurred/cut pictures. Thanks again in advance for your nice comments :)

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We're BAAAACK! I'm such an incorrigible slut! I couldn't stay away, even tho I've been a little... miffed lately. Last time I contributed, I was surrounded by twenty-something pro "amateurs" and it showcased in the comments. It seems to me, after the site's problems last year, management let in a bunch of freeloaders to re-build their customer base and then embarked appeasing them with commercial smut. To my way of thinking, that is NOT voy-zone. I am voy-zone - me and women like me. And the site's fan-base - its loyal fan-base - doesn't want to see the same sort of commercial bullshit they can get anywhere for free - they want to see ME - the woman next door! Lately, tho, many other long-term contributors have complained to me about the same thing... BUT I just can't stay away. I want you to see my clitoris. SO... these are some playthings and some undies sent to me by a devotee - I'll be mailing these nasty used things back to him shortly. Want a pair for yourself??? Leave a nice comment and a superb vote and I'll set you up. OH, and if you want to see my mischievous nun sets from last Halloween, be nice, and I might talk nudistmanagement into publishing them for you! PERVERT!

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