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Fresh Nighties - While we were out taking the SuzyZuki shots from our last Two sets, we determined to take these, too. Hubby had bought me some fresh nighties last year when I went on a Ten day snowboard venture. Being the only nymph in the building with 8 guys, he dreamed me to make the right impression (wink, wink). Now THAT was a joy trip!!! We also want ya'll to know that this may be our last set on here. Seems like the friendly folks don't leave many comments at all anymore, while the buttholes leave more and more nasty & gross comments. We know these guys are losers who have no life, but it is commencing to take the joy out of this activity for us, and it is that joy that we are after. We are getting greater enjoyment out of other sites where the narrow minded hesitate to go (not free, have to spend a little money). The people there don't ridicule me for puny tits, non-Harley wheels, etc. In brief, after 8 years of posting, maybe it is time to budge on to greener pastures. Kate can only do so much to keep wanks out, but its getting old. Sorry if my rant revved anyone off, but these thoughts have been on our minds for a while.

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I was very excited reading the many positive comments on my last contris June Five and June Eighteen. It truly turns me on and makes me perceive good. I'm still astonished. You made me determine to send in a fresh contri. I hope you like it and let me know what you think. I like to read your (hopefully) positive and inspiring comments again. Fiquei muito feliz ao ler os muitos comentarios positivos sobre mim nas contris anteriores. Isso me faz sentir muito bem (quem nao sentiria?). Ainda estou surpresa. Obrigada a todos. Vou respondendo os emails sempre que possivel. Espero que gostem desta nova serie. Adoraria ler os comentarios (espero que positivos).

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