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To the voy-zone Squad and Viewers, This woman is killing me! I love it! We thought that we might post back in the PV section. We are having lots of joy with this and Tabu said to tell Asher Hi! You are the one who normally takes care of PV Shots comments. To the bad people who need a life and have nothing nice to say to anyone, Smooch our A**'s. Caution, Tabu might just mightlike it! My tounge has been there more than once!HE HE! To the rest of you voy-zoneers out there; If you leave an e-mail address we will get to you as briefly as we can. We response all, but we both work. Time is brief and I can't leave this woman alone. We are in Crimson Clouds mostly so you Guy's and Gal's get your memberships. It indeed isn't that expensive. Love ya mean it! Somewhere in Florida

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These shots are of my gf who we'll call Alma. She's very insecureabout her looks. She knows I have these photo's but has no idea I'm postingthem. I have hundreds more. If you want to see more I'll need to see somecomments on the Bulletin Board. I plan on showcasing her these are here soall comments are welcome. Let's showcase her just how hot she is. Sorry aboutthe face, she'd have a fit. Technical note: the majority of these were takenwith a Casio QV11, not very high quality. The other two were taken witha Canon PowerShot 600. I have more with the PowerShot and Movie capturesalso. I even have tons of Crimson Cloud material. Comments will get them.

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