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Hi every bod and thank you for all the nice comments you made about our contri "hot time in Paris 2a and 2b. One more time we want to appologize for the error we made in Hot time in Paris 1 by sending pictures that were not from our soirees. It was only a error about the name of the picture in our files and we never had the intention of sending other pictures than ours. We also want to appologize (we'll shortly be appologizing as much as your real hot president...!!!) to Asher and explain that we didn't intent to put you out of job by putting some text on our pictures but we just dreamed to give all of you an idea of the kind of taking that happend in our soirees and group bang. We get the message and we will let you make all the comments on all our next contris...!!! So here we are with another set of pictures taken during a group bang with "H". We were 12 guys just for here. She loves to be treated like a bitch and we did our best to please her...!!!! Christian and Elisa.

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South Fl. Duo. XM Glad Christmas voy-zonebers! Please place in Free-Style---------- FS (Thanks) Howdy, naturist squad and viewers... As always thanks for the comments on our last post. She is still attempting to e-mail everyone.. Took these Tues afternoon, got home she was putting up X-mas tree, and well, you know me grabbed the camera and took a few shots... These were for us, but spotted the fresh contest and determined to send a few in...... She is a 44 yo, mom, wifey, 5'7", 135# Blonde, Suntanned, and in "reasonable" form for her age. Plays well with others...... Will send in a finer conti for our "Christmas" shots we have a few ideas... Thanks as always. Al & Pat

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