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Rose Is Rose - When I posted my very very first contri at naturist eight years ago I was amazed at the comments people left on the BB for me. One such message came from a man who was, unbeknown to him, instrumental in my determining to post more pictures at naturist. You see he used to equate me with a favourite carton character of his, "Rose is Rose". In this toon unclothe a very ordinary every day housewife named Rose has this remarkable alter ego that would momentarily convert her into this liberated, less conservative and certainly more wild and adventurous person who could overcome any challenge that came her way. My friend witnessed my posting nude at naturist as my alter ego escaping the restrains of my day to day life and finding this most sexually liberated way of voicing my self. Anyone who has posted pictures at naturist will tell you that there are few things as confronting as knowing your naked pic is available to literally millions of people should they wish to see it. It was pointed out that this hitherto unknown ?wild, exhibitionist side? was as much a part of my character as the much more mundane side that most people see. Unluckily this very dear person is going thru a very rough patch at the moment and I wished to remind him that within every one is a person strong enough to tackle anything that comes their way. (Your friendship, support and help will never be forgotten. We are both with you, always.)

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Hi to all my friends, I would like to also exchange my pics with other youthful couples of the entire world. If you are interested, thank you to leave me your email. I want to thank all the friends who sent messages of sympathy to me and statement to all the dorks which confuse the fucky-fucky and the policy "d'aller se faire foutre en Iraq" and in more I tell them shit. Here to come 8 series of Ten pics. One never-to-be-forgotten night with my darling. That all the losers look at well, because they will see my manstick in act and that they will wiggle themselves in their toilets because I tell again shit to all these poopers. Thank you with all the team for voy-zone for your extreme site. I dreamed to say that I love America and Yankee whom I know well, because I have some family in the USA (my brutha in law) and I do the Marathon of NYC this year and I am always received like a brutha in your country. Good luck with the war which await you. Your friend of France for always. God saves America.

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