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Howdy everyone in naturist land. Another Day, Another Sundress, Another Panty and hopefully some shots that you will all love. You can see where these were taken in the last duo of shots. This is a departure from the Going Shopping series already in progress which will have more submissions afterward this week. A lot of people have asked me if I truly love doing these photos and the reaction is...YES. What a rush, it starts as nervousness and then turns to sexual stress. I had a supreme time doing these and there are lots more to jism. I hope you all love looking at them. Thanks again to Sailor & Asher as well as all of you in the naturist community for the wonderful comments....

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Howdy everyone, Becca the AnalGirl here! For those of you that I've chatted with on the real-time BB know, I'm truly into anal play. I get some of my best orgasms that way. Well I was very blessed to find out that I'm not the only one, so I commenced talking to some of my friends and was astonished at how many of them are truly into it too! This made me think that it would be superb funto begin posting some pics that are more anally-oriented, and that I could most likely talk some of my friends into posting their buttholes here for the world to see as well. Guess what? Most of them went for it! Some of them would never want to showcase their faces on the web like this, so this gives them the chance to eventually post on something like this, sans the risk of compromising their private lives. I determined to do the very first post myself, so I hope you love my backside (well as much of it as I can demonstrate on voy-zone)! You can see my friends and I exposing our winkers up close and private on our fresh site made notably for those who love of womens ass holes at

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