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...Julie only infrequently drinks alcohol so usually drives when we are socialising. When she does a glass of wine is enough to last the night.On the two occasions in the photographs we took a cab into town for a meal and drinks. The two nights are seperated by two weeks the very first evening Julie is only wearing a lengthy jumper and hold up stockings the the 2nd she is only wearing.... a scarf, yes and it was see through!Now Julie as you regulars know is my wifey of 53 and usually wears a lot less on naturist but we just had to share these occassions with you all, we hope you share our joy and please, no unpleasant comments

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Hi again, we formerly submitted pixs to NIP and received alot of good responses and neglected the few who disagreed. I love watching women get off and love helping my beautiful wifey, Betsy, orgasm. She is multi-orgasmic so I love her getting off several times before I hop in and get my pleasure. We like the other pixs of women using their fucktoys but wish more included the looks of pleasure on their face when the jizz. Sorry to have to blur Betsy's eyes, she insists, but they were mostly closed anyway. She got off Three seperate times in this Contri and afterwards took care of me which I will send in as another Contri (BJ with facial.) We hope ya'll like these pixs as much as we did taking and sending them. This Contri will be sent in several e-mails. Thanxs to the entire group at naturist and to all the contributors.

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